You might never see such an odd little place, where the houses are tiny and toilet doors shake.

Tremuddlewick Village is one of a kind and there’s more going on there than first meets the eye.

Nestled in the burrows and trees at the base of the windmill you’ll find the magical village of Tremuddlewick. With quirky little houses built under grassy hillocks, tiny picket fences and brightly coloured doors this is the home of the Professor’s employees.

You won’t always see them but they are there watching over the woodland and working under the watchful eye of Professor Puzzlewit.

All appears quiet but step a little closer and life begins to twitch. The unpredictable electricity supply generated by Erwin’s windmill,  Maida’s chimney always in need of being swept, the washing blowing in the wind, the curious movement of a curtain and faint voices from within show that there is life in these magical houses.

Look out for the pixie houses hidden amongst the fairy dells and in the trees as you pass through on foot or on the Porterswick Junction Light Railway.

Don’t forget to visit the Out of Bounds Toilet! Why is the toilet out of bounds?
Try the door and you’ll soon find out – if you can stop laughing that is!

Find out who lives in these houses and the roles they play in the village.