Albert No. 1/Grenville Grungely runs every hour on the Porterswick Junction Light Railway P.J.L.R. Through tunnels and bridges and around the park edge by track, he’ll take you around the place and back. NEW for 2023 Grenville Grungely Locomotive plus working Level Crossing

Take the one mile ride on our 7 1/4″ gauge railway, seeing the park from all aspects, travelling through the snaking tunnel, under bridges and through deep cuttings. Board our wonderful locomotive Albert No.1 at Mansion House Station, pass through Tremuddlewick and arrive back outside The Watering Hole café ready for a tasty homemade snack or two!

Albert No.1 leaves Mansion House Station on a regular timetable and is free to ride as many times as you wish during your visit. But remember we operate on Tremuddlewick time not Greenwich time!

Please note: We regret dogs are not permitted to ride the train